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Natural Factors is a natural health supplement source that has been in business in Canada for 50 years. At Natural Factors you will find the finest in natural vitamins, minerals, herb and plant supplements using special natural solutions formulas. Natural Factors is committed to producing the finest natural products that meet all government and health food industry standards. Shopping online at Natural Factors will be a delightful experience as their specially formulated products are showcased brilliantly to please all online shoppers regardless of age or even of health situations.
Natural Factors is the storefront for products made from Factor Farms. At Factor Farms organic echinacea is grown to make Echinamide products. Other herbs are also grown for special formulas. The organic herbs and plants are harvested and processed at Factor Farms. At Factor Farms, laboratory and clinical research is done using the most sophisticated machinery in Canada. The team of experts at Factor Farms includes naturopathic doctors, herb connossiers as well as nutritionists to create the finest natural health supplements.
Natural Factors produces soft gel capsules as well as syrups and tablets. The mission of Natural Factors is to blend ancient herbal formulas with modern scientific methods for the betterment of its consumers. The chairman and owner of Natural Factors, a subsidiary of Factor Farms is Roland Gahler. His mission is to be accountable for each and every product that he sells standing behind all of his formulas as real dietary supplements and not artificial supplements. The health of his consumers is his guiding light.
His head office is located in Coquitlam, British Columbia in Canada. He has other offices located in Mississauga, Ontario, and he draws customers from all parts of the United States as well as from Canada. His also has Factor Farms extending to Okanagan area of British Columbia with production capabilities and with liquid extraction factories. According to Roland Gahler, his line of natural health supplements are not placebos but will do what he says they will in the advertising that can be found on his website store.