Benefits of Acorns

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People have been hunting and gathering for several hundred years and surviving on what Mother Nature has to other is built into the human psyche. One of the most sought after bi-products of trees are their nuts. Not only valuable to squirrels, tree nuts are also edible for human consumption as well. One tree nut of particular value is the acorn. Native Americans have utilized the acorn for years and its worth is only now being discovered for everyone else.
Acorns have been tested and it has been hypothesized that they are one of the best foods for controlling blood sugar levels. Although the nut itself is slightly bitter when eaten, there is a sweet aftertaste. This is due to the low sugar content of the nut and also makes them a good addition to stews. Acorns can also be used in a variety of breads as well, either baked into the bread or spread across the top once the bread is finished baking.
Acorns have other nutritional value besides just controlling blood sugar. The nut is also very rich in complex carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins while also containing less fat than most other nuts currently available. Not only can they fill someone up, they are also a good source of fiber. This makes acorns an overall good snack for anyone looking for a quick snack that is nutritionally healthy.
Acorns also provide an opportunity for cardiovascular activity as well. Because the acorn must be harvested from the trees they fall from, the individual must go on some type of walk or even a run in order to gather the nuts. This provides an opportunity to “hunt and gather”, as the phrase was coined years ago, while at the same time enjoy the outdoors and get some good exercise.
The acorn is not only a nutritious snack with numerous health benefits. Whether the individual is looking for a nut with low sugar content and high fiber, or a quick snack that is completely filling, the acorn is apart of all categories.